Newcomer Resources

These links are intended for people approaching Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) for the first time. In it we have tried to answer the questions most frequently in the minds of newcomers - the questions which were in our minds when we first approached the Fellowship.

You will also find information to provide you with facts about a simple program of recovery and a link to the "Grapevine" a monthly publication distributed to members of A.A. on a subscription basis.

A.A. Fact File is AA for You? Twelve questions only you can answer
A Newcomer Asks... A Message to Teenagers - A Simple 12 -Question Quiz Designed to Help You Decide
44 Questions - Questions and Answers About Alcoholics Anonymous Do you think you're different?
is there an Alcoholic in your Life? Information on Alcoholics Anonymous
The Grapevine - Our meeting in Print